Buckwheat, my love! part I


With all this hype about superfoods I also wanted to participate, but since that stuff is too expensive for me, I got the idea of having buckwheat in my muesli as a treat. And let me tell you it’s so crispy and yummy. I added cinnamon and poppy seeds, if you have fruits in your morning bowl you won’t need to add sugar, but if you want to you can add maple syrup, agave syrup, honey or sugar in the end.

You need:

– buckwheat

– poppy seeds

– cinnamon

– a pan

Put the buckwheat in a pan, so that most of the buckwheat has contact with the pan. Fry it without oil for about 4 minutes and stir it all of the time, so that none get burnt.  If you have about 1-2 minutes left, you can add the poppy seeds. Add the cinnamon when there’s only about a minute left.


I always put pomegranate, banana, and raisins in my muesli, then I add oat and spelt flakes, some grated almonds and the buckwheat. Because I’m not so good with milk, I use juice, mostly orange, as liquid.


I hope you enjoy your muesli 🙂





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