Buckwheat my love part II

What I love about buckwheat is that it is so diverse. You can use it sweet in your muesli (see in the post before), you can cook it and use it instead of rice or millet, and you can even bake with it as flour. Buckwheat is gluten free and has a very nice, nutty taste.


For this delicious easy salad you need:

  • some buckwheat
  • 1/4 of a pumpkin
  • some corn salad
  • and the cheese you want

Cook the buckwheat like rice or millet until the water has vanished and it is soft. (about 15 minutes). I used half water and half vegetable stock.

Cut the pumpkin in small cubes and fry them in some olive oil until they start to stick to the pan, then add some water and cook the pumpkin “al dente”. Add the spices you like.

In the meantime wash the corn salad thoroughly and put it aside.

When the pumpkin and the buckwheat are ready, mix them together. Add the corn salad and the cheese ( feta cubes, mozzarella or parmeggiano).

I also added a homemade dressing containing:

  • Olive oil
  • balsamico vinegar
  • rocket mustard
  • a splash of agave syrup
  • salt/ pepper/ herbs


Now I hope you like this autumnally salad as much as I do.


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