Red Wine infused Chocolate Cookies

It’s this time of the year, where you start getting cozy, dreaming about blankets hot wine and Christmas Cookies. Even though it never snowed before Christmas in the last years, there is room to get into the Christmas mood.

So I started looking with what I want to beginn the season, and found these nice Cookies with Red wine.


Cause of my new to baking boyfriend, who decided there needs to be some glitter on the Cookies, we made half of them with kiddy decor and half with almonds.

Mix number 1-8 (margarine cold and in cubes) with your mixer until it’s slightly smooth, then go on with your hands until you got a decent dough. Too sticky: use some more flour, for the rare case that it is too dry, take some more red wine and/or margarine.

Now roll the dough on a flat surface with flour (I took two baking sheets, both covered with flour, because my dough was too sticky). Find something good to cut out the dough and cut it.


Put the Cookies in the oven (convection at 150°C) and let them in for 10-12 minutes.


In the meantime you can cook the jam, or the raspberries with sugar and cornstarch, until it’s rather thick. Let the chocolate melt together with the 25g margarine.

Now take half of the cookies and spread 1/2 tsp of the thickened jam on them, put them together with the plain cookies.

After they have dried a bit, roll them first in the chocolate and then roll them in your favorite Cookie decoration. Let them dry and then go on eating!



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