Kitchen chalkboard

Do you also always forget the things you need to buy or those things you need to do, but don’t want to. This won’t happen again with a chalkboard in your kitchen, where you can write the things down.

For this project you need chalkboard paint, solvent, brush, tape.

  1. limit the space you want to paint with a tape, be sure that it sits tight, ’cause you don’t want to have color spilled underneath

Tafel2. start brushing the sides, than you have the worst part done


3. brush the rest of it and let it dry.

Now you can decorate the space underneath and write your important things down. Of course you need chalk, which I didn’t have, therefor no important things yet =)

Look how nice the light looks, and what cool shadows it makes on the wall. You can find the DIY for it on this nice blog.

Tafel-14I also painted a winebottle with the chalkboard paint, and put some winter decoration on a twig. The white stars are made out of white pipe cleaners.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah says:

    Your wall is beautiful! I feel very honored that you made a silhouette mason jar as well. Looks great!


    1. Thank you very much Sarah! Actually I mismeasured the jar a bit, therefor my windows aren’t as need as yours, but I’ll try again ­čÖé


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