Free Wallpaper February

This is my first try of a wallpaper and I tried to make something colorful against all the grey. Advertisements

Bloody Gin on the rocks

After I’ve studied all day yesterday, I went to a Farewell Party of my neighbours which was a real ray of hope. In the early evening I couldn’t see those disgusting pages anymore, so I thought I’ll make up something with the little rest of the Gin we still had in our freezer and some other…

Self made peanut butter

The advent-calendar I made my boyfriend last year was full of peanuts with little hidden messages in there. Because he actually never ate those peanuts, I now thought of just making peanut butter with them. 

Wintry Salad

I hope you had a good beginning of the year. My resolution of every year is to eat more healthy than the last year. So let’s start with this salad which I made. We have Bio Box of vegetables every two weeks therefor we get those rare vegetables, I wouldn’t buy in the first place. I…