Self made peanut butter

The advent-calendar I made my boyfriend last year was full of peanuts with little hidden messages in there. Because he actually never ate those peanuts, I now thought of just making peanut butter with them. 

DSCF1991It is very easy, if you don’t count the peanut cracking in, you actually need more peanuts, than I had.

For one jar:

  • 250g of peanuts
  • sip of oil (tasteless) (depending on how oily you want it)
  • some salt

Peel the peanuts, be happy when you’re done with that part.


Now roast them for a few minutes in a pan with salt (be very careful not to burn them), put them in a mixer to crush them until it is something like peanut flour. Add the oil (about 1-2 tbsp to start with) and  put everything back in the mixer. You won’t really see the real outcome, if you don’t put the peanut flour and the oil together in the mixer. Add more oil until you are happy.

This is what my peanut butter looks like. In the background you can see the lovely sugar bowl, which once belonged to my grandmother.

Happy making!


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