Bloody Gin on the rocks

After I’ve studied all day yesterday, I went to a Farewell Party of my neighbours which was a real ray of hope. In the early evening I couldn’t see those disgusting pages anymore, so I thought I’ll make up something with the little rest of the Gin we still had in our freezer and some other stuff.

Et voilà, here is my bloodorange-lemon-mint Gin on the rocks.


You don’t need many ingredients, it’s just:

  • Gin
  • Sparkling mineralwater
  • Bloodoranges
  • lemons
  • mint
  • ice cubes/ crushed Ice

For one glass I used about 2cl of Gin, the juice of half a bloodorange,  two squeezes of half a lemon and 5 mint leaves. Just add 2-3 ice cubes per glass and fill it up with as much soda as you want. If you like it more fruity use 1 bloodorange per glass. The good thing about the drink is, that it is very refreshing with the sparkling water, and it doesn’t have any sugar because of that, which I welcome.

Gin_Almond-10Unfortunately I’m only ever using the cheap gin, which makes me kind of almost have it over, but one day (I know, I keep my fingers crossed :)) I’ll be able to afford the good one, oh and by the way, it’s my birthday in a month, just as a side fact…


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