Goat’s cheese with dates

While the sun is being more and more delightful and blessing us with energy, the outside breakfasts add to happy springfeelings.

Last week I visited friends in Berlin and the neighbours asked us at a party to come to his brunch the next day. So we made some fast and delicious humus and took the leftover of the birthday cake and joined the plates in the garden.

It was a really lovely weekend.  This weekend my friend and me thought of doing the same here.
For our ontbijt feestje my friend Anna made a oriental goatcheese which I’m allowed to post here. yeah. Thank you Anna (:

imageFor that easy peasy recipe you need:

  • One package of goat cheese (Feta)
  • Handful of dates, about 5
  • Three shots of good olive oil
  • ground Turmeric
  • ground Cumin
  • Cumin Seed
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • ground Curry
  • Black cumin seed
  • ground Coriander

Now mix it all. The flavour becomes more intense when you put it fridge over a night or for a few hours. But we ate it directly after making it and it was delicious.

I hope you enjoy it (: !


One Comment Add yours

  1. PurpurBête says:

    Eating outside it one of the best things in life isn’t it?? The goat cheese sounds and looks delicious.


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