Patlican ezmesi or Baba Ganoush

Leckere türkische Auberginencreme, schnell und einfach gemacht. Vegetarisch und glutenfrei.


Asparagus with Zucchini and buffalo mozarella

For some time now, I try to eat as little carbs in the evening as possible and also I bought a steamer, which makes it easy to get your veggies ready without oil and without the loss of the vitamins through cooking.

Goat’s cheese with dates

While the sun is being more and more delightful and blessing us with energy, the outside breakfasts add to happy springfeelings.

Self made peanut butter

The advent-calendar I made my boyfriend last year was full of peanuts with little hidden messages in there. Because he actually never ate those peanuts, I now thought of just making peanut butter with them. 

Selfmade oriental mustard

I would have never known that mustard is so easy to make, unless I’ve made it myself (ha). So if  you are looking for a fast late Christmas present, or just want to treat yourself, here it is: