Selfmade tea to fight a cold

The titel says it all. While being sick for a week, I tried some ingredients to make a tea, that fights back all those bacteria.

Roasted Veggies with Pepper-Mojo

Hej Hej. Today I experimented with green turkish pepper. I made a actually not-so-good-looking Mojo sauce, if I may call it that, to roasted veggies in the oven. It’s very easy, quickly made and healthy.

Beetroot One Pot Pasta

Do you know the cravings, especially on sundays to eat something satisfying that doesn’t make much effort cooking?

Bloody Gin on the rocks

After I’ve studied all day yesterday, I went to a Farewell Party of my neighbours which was a real ray of hope. In the early evening I couldn’t see those disgusting pages anymore, so I thought I’ll make up something with the little rest of the Gin we still had in our freezer and some other…

Self made peanut butter

The advent-calendar I made my boyfriend last year was full of peanuts with little hidden messages in there. Because he actually never ate those peanuts, I now thought of just making peanut butter with them. 

Wintry Salad

I hope you had a good beginning of the year. My resolution of every year is to eat more healthy than the last year. So let’s start with this salad which I made. We have Bio Box of vegetables every two weeks therefor we get those rare vegetables, I wouldn’t buy in the first place. I…

A New Year’s Eve dessert

Now that the year is coming to an end we can look at all the good and bad things that have happened and look forward to what is coming in the next year.

Selfmade oriental mustard

I would have never known that mustard is so easy to make, unless I’ve made it myself (ha). So if  you are looking for a fast late Christmas present, or just want to treat yourself, here it is:

Black Tea Cookies and Chili Chocolate Cornflake humps

Around the Christmas time in Germany there is this event called “Post aus meiner Küche” (Post from my kitchen). You can register and then you’ll get a partner to swap selfmade presents to eat. Yum yum. Last year I saw it first and this year I totally wanted to participate.