Kitchen chalkboard

Do you also always forget the things you need to buy or those things you need to do, but don’t want to. This won’t happen again with a chalkboard in your kitchen, where you can write the things down. Advertisements

Red Wine infused Chocolate Cookies

It’s this time of the year, where you start getting cozy, dreaming about blankets hot wine and Christmas Cookies. Even though it never snowed before Christmas in the last years, there is room to get into the Christmas mood.

A walk in the forest and a Curry

This weekend we went to East-Westphalia to visit my friends parents. They live on a very cozy old farm in the middle of the forest. Unfortunately it was raining the whole weekend, but since I like rain, me and my friend went out for a walk  Afterwards we made a very delicious curry to warm…

Buckwheat my love part II

What I love about buckwheat is that it is so diverse. You can use it sweet in your muesli (see in the post before), you can cook it and use it instead of rice or millet, and you can even bake with it as flour. Buckwheat is gluten free and has a very nice, nutty taste.

Buckwheat, my love! part I

Bonjour. With all this hype about superfoods I also wanted to participate, but since that stuff is too expensive for me, I got the idea of having buckwheat in my muesli as a treat. And let me tell you it’s so crispy and yummy. I added cinnamon and poppy seeds, if you have fruits in…